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February 6, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

We’re going to think about what it’s like to be a person on the internet.

We’re going to think about the places people hang out on the internet (whether it’s YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Gmail, Google Docs or Facebook) and think about what’s natural and native to how they communicate with us.

Then we’ll explore ways of communicating through them in a way that turn ‘people on the internet’ into an audience to an event!

The themes are liveness, spectatorship and world-building, meta-theatrical theatre.

We’ll talk about the conventions and what’s familiar to us about live streaming and social media platforms. And we’ll talk about times when things were different: moments we’ve stumbled into interesting places on the internet, and times where we felt seen or temporally present.

We’ll discuss voyeurism, and the language, modes of address, and explore ways of using ‘public’ spaces on internet as to publish our work into:

  • Finding, sharing and exploring curious places on the internet.
  • Exploring and playing with the ways platforms allow us to communicate through them
  • Live publishing
  • Screen recording (documentation)
  • Live streaming

All you’ll need is your connection and a Google account.

Andy is a writer, theatre maker, facilitator and Squad grad. Originally from Sheffield he lives in London, where he has just finished an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at Central School of Speech and Drama. He started out writing poetry and performing it all over the country. And now he writes plays, devises theatre and occasionally makes installations. Sometimes he does it with other folks and sometimes under the banner Forest Sounds theatre. He is really interested in performance where the audience are invited to participate in some way. And things that are funny and absurd or surreal. (Not that you have to write like that. He wrote this from his kitchen table next to his my cat, named after a character from Game of Thrones.)

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