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February 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Why are you starting this group?

Setting goals is a really useful way of prioritising our writing, and being accountable (principally to ourselves). Since the first Covid lockdown, the Squad has run a number of Mini-Goals groups, which have been a fantastic resource, and a source of support, motivation, and encouragement (as well as a lot of fun).

We know that many Squad writers have an interest in SFF, and as Francesca is a specialist in this field, we thought a dedicated group would be a great way to support one another with our SFF writing.

What counts as ‘Science Fiction and Fantasy’?

For the purposes of this group, we mean anything that might fall under the umbrella term ‘speculative’ writing – writing that depicts something beyond the real or current world. You might be interested in high fantasy; magic realism; cyber-punk; dystopian fiction; space opera…

What kinds of goals do people set?

Whatever you like. Small, achievable goals are more realistic, so examples of goals might be: ‘finish reading a novel/short story’; ‘finish editing a chapter’; ‘spend 15 minutes a day writing’; ‘submit a story to a journal’ etc. Your goals will change from meeting to meeting. Sometimes your goal might not even be writing-related (e.g.: ‘have a week off’; ‘finish this essay for my course’; etc.), though we try to keep the focus on writing, so that the group isn’t just a general support group.

How does it work?

A monthly Zoom meeting, initially chaired by Francesca, though we expect that as the group evolves it will probably be chaired by its own members. Each member will have a chance to say whether you met your last goal, and to set a goal for the next meeting. Interesting group conversations always arise out of these goals, as we discuss issues, share solutions, and bounce around ideas.

I’m not an expert in SFF / I don’t exclusively write SFF

No problem! This group is for anyone interested in writing speculative fiction, whether you’ve been doing it for years, or just trying it for the first time.

I write novels/short-stories/scripts/screenplays/poetry – is that OK?

Absolutely. Great SFF work is been produced in all different forms, and we hope to have a range of approaches within our group.

Is this a writing workshop?

No – it’s a goal-setting group. We’ll discuss issues related to your writing, but we won’t do writing exercises, or workshop your drafts. As mini-goals groups develop, we’ve found that writers will sometimes email each other their work and get feedback from other members, but this is an optional extra that takes place outside the meetings themselves.

Do I have to come every time?

Coming regularly is best for you, as it’s what helps you to be accountable and meet your goals (as well as building the sense of community that has been a really special part of the existing Mini-Goals groups). However, we completely understand that sometimes it won’t be possible to attend, and that’s fine.


February 22, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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