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Lydia Hounat

Lydia Hounat

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Lydia Hounat, is a British-Algerian writer and artist from Manchester, England. Working with interdisciplinary art practices, Lydia marries photography, poetry and illustration within her work. She has been published within the UK and internationally. She is also a poetry editor for New York magazine REALITY BEACH.

She considers confessional writers like Anne Sexton as a major influence on her writing, but also photographers and spoken word artists/rappers such as Francesca Woodman, Petra Collins and 2Pac as major influences on her photography and spoken word. She has been recently featured in Moloko House Chicago, upcoming work in Metatron Press’s ÖMËGÄ blog.

Lydia is one of the Editors of Sober.

Recent work:

His Words Not Mine

How I Started Taking Pictures


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